Ron Matten Calls on the Yonkers City Council to Investigate Quid Pro Quo Allegation involving Council President Khader’s Affairs.

Recent allegations have appeared in the Yonkers Tribune alleging Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader and attorney Jeff Bus are involved in a quid pro quo scheme. It is a fact that Council President Khader has his law office and campaign headquarters at the premise of Smith Buss and Jacobs LLP. It is also a material fact that Jeff Buss was hired as City of Yonkers contractor in the service of Council President Khader.

Another material fact not specified in the article concerns campaign donations. Smith Bus and Jacobs and their various partners have donated thousands of dollars to the Khader campaign. Use of the office for campaign activities is a “like in kind” campaign contribution.

I am requesting that the Yonkers City Council utilize Article IV, section C-12 of the City of Yonkers Charter to conduct a formal hearing and investigation into the quid pro quo allegation.

The Council President should step down and recuse himself from further legislative activities until the Council is completed their investigation.

Quid pro quo is a breach of the public trust. This alleged violation harms the Council and the City of Yonkers as a whole. As residents and taxpayers, we require transparency and assurance that our government is acting in our interests. I suspect that Council President Khader would welcome this investigation to clear his name and restore the trust in the Council and City of Yonkers. All individuals mentioned herein are assumed innocent.

Ron Matten was raised and currently resides in Yonkers. He is the Republican nominee for Yonkers City Council President. For more information visit: